So you want to know more about Ruth Silver, the author of the Aberrant trilogy and owner of Write Away Bliss. Here’s your chance to gain a little more information.


My Favorites:

Season: Fall, I love the cooler temperatures and the leaves changing color.

Color: Right now it’s blue. My bedroom is painted in blue. 

I buy most of my books from: Amazon.

Nook, Kindle, or Paperback: I own a Kindle but lately I’ve been reading paperbacks.

Book Genre: It has to be Young Adult – and then Dystopian. I also love young adult science fiction with a mix of fantasy.

T.V. Show (still on the air): Orphan Black.

T.V. Show (retired): X-Files, Without A Trace, and Fringe.

Vacation Destination: Australia.

Cruise or Backpacking Trip: Cruise.

Job previously before becoming an author: Photographer. I owned my own photography studio.

Nikon or Canon: Nikon.

Prefer to read Young Adult or New Adult: Young Adult.

I wanted to be a tornado chaser when I grew up.

Sports Team: Chicago Bears.

Auctions: Only eBay, never one in person.

Twitter or Facebook: I use both, but I spend more time interacting on Twitter.

Item I can’t live without: Cellphone. Right now I have the Samsung Galaxy S5. Loving the big screen.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs.

Magazine: Entertainment Weekly.

Children’s Book: The Velveteen Rabbit.

Movie: The Hunger Games.

International Shop: AliExpress. I ordered most of the goodies for the swag giveaways from AliExpress. They’re super cheap with wholesale pricing, just be prepared to wait up to a month for the items to arrive.

Travel: My favorite destination is Australia.

What program do you use to write? Microsoft Word

I subscribe to: Julep, Birchbox, Beauty Box 5



My Style:

Shoes: I love my Sanita clogs, which I got from 6pm in 2012. They’re purple and comfy. My mom loves them too, she always wants to borrow them for work.

Makeup: I don’t wear makeup very often but when I do, I enjoy shopping at Sephora or locally with Mary Kay. When I’m feeling girly I’ll wear a little eyeshadow and some lipstick. I absolutely never need blush, my cheeks are always rosy red. Recently I purchased NYX Cosmetics–you know the Mortal Instruments Set–and love the colors and texture. I might be wearing it more often and it’s nice to see I can pick it up at Target.

Nail: I’ve tried all different types of nail art when I was younger. Recently I’m impressed by the newest types of nail wraps. The first I tried and liked was Sally Hansen Salon Effects. You can pick up a box at Target for less than $10. I ordered some through AliExpress, so I’m waiting to see how they come out. I also love Julep because of all their gorgeous nail colors. They’re a little pricey unless you join their monthly membership. I just joined and am excited to get my first box. I’m planning on trying some nail stamping with their colors. We’ll see how that goes.

Purse: A friend introduced me to Miche Bag. It’s great that you can change the look to the outside. I bought the petite style which is perfect for my essentials that I carry with me everyday.


Life is Good

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Editing: Finding a great editor is tough. When you self-publish, you’ll need more than one editor and you’ll quickly find that your budget is way too small for the talent you need to acquire. Lately, I’ve been hooked on using Elance. I’ve met some editors and writers, along with affordable pricing.

Book Trailers: Animoto is how I crafted the Aberrant trailer.

Promotional Images: I really like Deposit Photos because of their pricing structure. Lately, I’ve also been using BigStock because they gave me a one month trial (5 images/day).